3 Main Benefits of using video

A good story that will tease viewers will make using video in your marketing and communication strategy extremely useful. Short, clear explanatory and somehow entertaining or funny videos will make you benefit your marketing investments.

Main Benefits of using video promos

1 – Increase sales (by strengthen confidence & Trust)
Exposing your customers to videos about your company gives them confidence. Compare a confident customer to one that has no prior experience with your company. Who would be more likely to buy?
Impress your site visitors by using (inter)active media as a replacement (or as an addition) to more passive elements like text and images.

2 – Easy sharing 24/7 (very cost efficient)
Spread your message! Your video can be easily shared on social networks like LinkedIN, Twitter, FaceBook and video platforms like YouTube and Vimeo (also on mobile phones). A very (cost) efficient way to reach a broad audience, 24 hours a day, 7 days per week. Well-made videos (powered with a viral or entertaining concept) can even reach millions of people without you paying not even one cent extra on marketing.

3 – Enhance Product Awareness (brand awareness)
Making your marketing budget most worthily by developing a series of videos and broadcast them on your website, YouTube and other video platforms. Video provides a great way to demonstrate the unique capabilities of your products or services that would be impossible with printed media ads or sales presentations. You video channel is a great way to get customers excited about your company’s products and services and to enhance your reputation in the industry. Whether you target on business to business or if you like to reach a broader customer market, unique features and advantages can be easily demotivated using an explanatory product video. Your viewer will be easily entertained making it convenient to receive the message and create product awareness.