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Honolululab is proud to announce the commercial for elBullfoundation’s la BulliPedia that will be presented by Ferran Adrià today at the WIRED Event, London. La Bullipedia is Adrià’s vision for an online database that will contain every piece of gastronomic knowledge ever gathered. The commercial has been produced for Telefónica Digital.

Video shoots around Barcelona
Honolululab produced the video in September/October 2012 at several locations. Video shoots at restaurant Los Palillos from Albert Raurich (head chef elBulllirestaurant),  Pinotxo (Catalan for Pinocchio) a famous tapas stall located in la Boqueria (Barcelona’s most famous market) and at the location of CETT (Tourism, Hospitality, Education and Research, part of the Universitat de Barcelona (UB)).  (Making of: watch behind the scenes of the video productions)

Vanesa Galiano and Hans Schepp worked on the pre & post-production on location at ElBulli Taller in Barcelona. Besides that recording and editing in the  studio of Honolululab. It’s the second video Honolululab produced for Telefonica Digital, Barcelona. The first one was delivered spring 2012, covering the project 10Fridays with elBullifoundation.  (see video here)




Telefónica Digital

Weppage Wired Event 2012

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More about WIRED
WIRED’s first conference in October last year was a compelling event that was sold out and attended by more than 440 delegates.

This year’s event looks set to top last year already and will be jam-packed with stimulating content, networking and inspiring talks from people reshaping our world. Delegates will be immersed in a creative and innovative atmosphere of collaborative discovery and knowledge sharing, all brought to you directly by the team at WIRED, the world’s leading magazine for those at the cutting edge of ideas, technology, culture and business.





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