Video & Animation

Increase sales with video and animation – the most potent marketing tool

Video brings new ways to bring in revenue.  Businesses are becoming aware that using motion pictures  can communicate better and with more impact than text and images.

Online video & animation has quickly established itself as the most potent marketing tool available. By effectively creating and posting videos, companies can expect to drive traffic to their website to increase sales, increase loyalty amongst customers, and reach vast new audiences.

Exposing your customers to videos about your company gives them confidence. Compare a confident customer to one that has no prior experience with your company. Who would be more likely to buy?

Let’s create!

Case Study: Catering Company Kersbergen – YouTube 
Appealing videos can be an extremely effective marketing tool to increase site visitors and online sales. A company exposing their product videos on YouTube creates new traffic by directing viewers back to their website.

Kersbergen Catering is using three separate product videos on their YouTube channel to increase online visitors. Their report to a new video based marketing:

  • In a short time, we had more than 3000 unique views on our YouTube Channel.
  • We can easily redirect people from YouTube to our website and in reverse. This way we can quickly present our company services and transmit our quality.
  • Online video make our potential clients feel confident about our company- We were happy to receive many positive reactions on the videos.
  • Our personnel felt proud to see themselves back in the videos, good for the team spirit!

Martin Kersbergen – Kersbergen Catering –