We create visuals that will empower the strengths of our clients. That will inspire viewers and interact with a broad audience. Honolululab has over 10-years of experience working on visual creativity for clients ranging from small and medium sized companies to multinationals, foundations and the entertainment industry. Honolululab is a Dutch/Spanish video production company. We mainly work for companies based in Barcelona and Amsterdam area. However, we produce and create wordwide!

Art Direction, Illustrations, Photography, Stop Motion, InfoGraphics, 2D/3D animations, from Amsterdam to Barcelona, From Barcelona to Honolulu. Honolululab operates from a creative studio in the centre of Barcelona.


Vanesa Galiano – Illustrator & Photographer

Have you already tried to say it loud: H

I can work for hours and hours seeking for a style that fits a product of service or an artistic aim. I started with an education in Digital Design in Madrid, and soon after I started working as a freelancer for advertising agencies and video production companies.

Hans Peter Schepp – Creative Director, Filmmaker & Photographer

Seeking the essence of objects and people, visualize them by creating crisp and catchy images.

I started to film and make my first photos at an age of 16. Since then, I have developed a true passion for visuals. In year 2004 I started to work for video production companies (Panama, The Netherlands) and eventually started my own production company named Tosca Films. After 10 years of experience with video production and photography, the time to specialize had come. After meeting the very talented illustrator Vanesa Galiano, and enjoying the great combination of photography, video and illustrations, Honolululab was born.

Welcome to the Island of Creativity!

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Autor: Hans Schepp